Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free will?

Do we have free will?

Interesting article:
The Mechanics of Mind Reading
Scientific American Mind
July/August 2010


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  1. It’s not mind reading in what we come to think of it and I don’t think it is “true mind” reading, but certainly a step towards it. There is much more to learn in the spontaneity of the mind and I wonder if that is more universal and primordial.
    Analyzing all of the “voxels” reminds me of Postmodernism. Modernism threw “away vast amounts of useful data” Postmodernism sees how all this data works together.
    It’s interesting to think that we have no free will or, maybe even worse, we do have free will but we are not really aware of it, we only think we are. Kind of like life, especially in our society; we only think we are in control.
    In the light of this article it seems questionable if freedom is possible.